Solutions to the COVID-19 Crisis in Public Transit

Sintron Public transis-abox-5210g


How to mitigate COVID-19 virus spread in public transit?


Implementing SINTRONES ABOX-5210G allows drivers and passengers to avoid the risk of cross-infection.

Through PoE function provided by ABOX-5210G, connecting IP cameras and powerful Nvidia GPU GTX1660, drivers can confirm whether people are wearing face masks. Also, the system assists in monitoring and carrying-out the flow of passengers in the vehicle to avoid overcrowding and to reinforce social distance protocol. In addition, the ABOX-5210G features alert bus passengers of real-time location and determine how many people are on the bus, limiting access when maximum capacity is reached. Furthermore, the passengers can plan and manage their bus schedule in advance.

ABOX-5210G features can be implemented to vehicles, public transportation and other pertinent public areas, assisting public transport employees as they keep transit systems COVID-19 safe.


This solution checks the use of face masks, controls passenger flow, reinforces social distancing and enhances support for the public transport personnel who confront the COVID-19 pandemic.