How to Leverage Machine Learning to Achieve Precise Visual Inspection Capabilities in Any Environment



How to improve efficiency in product monitoring and inspection by deploying Computer Vision solutions


Computer Vision (CV), a field of artificial intelligence which uses machine and deep learning to allow computers to "see" and analyze their surroundings, is now used in various industries such as retail, manufacturing and agriculture. Implementing the SINTRONES EBOX-7000 within a Computer Vision (CV) solution improves the efficiency of product monitoring and detects defects, contaminants, functional flaws, and other irregularities. It is best used in instances where the human eye is required to assess the ground situation. The images captured by the solution are transmitted via 5G/LTE or the wireless network to the SINTORONES EBOX-7000 for thorough analysis. The SINTORONES EBOX-7000 supports both Edge and Cloud Computing frameworks to provide image-based automatic product monitoring and inspection competencies while adhering to the user’s budget and requirements. Furthermore, the solution can be used as part of quality control systems in production lines.



The SINTRONES Computer Vision Solution encompasses superior and accurate visual detection capabilities that supersedes the need for human vision in the identification of irregularities in any environment. The advanced algorithms of the SINTRONES EBOX-7000 also eliminates mistakes caused by human error (such as fatigue), saves time and cuts costs significantly. The solution is also applicable in conducting internal and external assessments of various equipment in a production facility, such as storage tanks, piping, and other equipment.