Sintron Technology is an advanced vehicle PC and mobile computer solution provider.  

SINTRON Technology Corp, located in the heart of Silicon Valley California, is a USA based company  representing SINTRONES to provide customers with comprehensive intelligent transportation systems, integration services and customer oriented proposal-built solutions. 

SINTRONES, based in Taiwan, is a world-renowned and ISO 9001 certified company of in-vehicle computing system products. SINTRONES provides customers with high quality certified computer system products that meet international transportation standards certification, including EN50155, IRIS, E-MarkIEC60945, IACS E10, DNV and MIL-810.

Sintron Corp-in-vehicle-computing

Advantages of Sintron Technology

  • Quality Product
Product design takes not only expertise, but also experience.  Sintrones R&D team is comprised of senior engineers serving in the industrial PC field for more than 10 years.  They have won numerous design medals for the innovative and quality products they created.  Most important, given the experience and knowledge accumulated in the transportation field over the decade, this R&D team get to create the most durable and highest quality product that customers can’t resist.  
  • Quick Turn Around
In so many cases, fast delivery has differentiated Sintron from competitors.  Sintron always ships  working condition samples in 2 ~ 3 weeks, so customers have ample time to test and validate their software on Sintron system.  Before customer project phases into mass production stage, Sintron already plans ahead and add customer demand into the production forecast, customer could easily pull in their products as scheduled.  

  • Long Term Commitment 
We understand customers have many options when it comes to vehicle PC purchase. At Sintron, we add value without added cost though our speed, flexibility, consultation and the confidence of having a trusted business partner standing behind every product and solution delivered.  We're not just selling you a transportation system or rugged PC, we're committed to servicing you and being your business partner offering accountability and dependability for the decades to come.