Railway Ethernet PoE Switch

The MP (M12 PoE) series L2/L3 switches are designed for data communication along with delivering Power-over-Ethernet in harsh railway applications, such as train, metro, and light rail vehicle.


Vibration and shock during railway exploitation of switch have negative influence on stability of Ethernet connection, but with rugged M12 (A/X code) connectors implemented in our MP-series switches you can forget about this problem. For convenient and easy field firmware upgrade and configuration backup or restoration, M12 A-Code USB connectors can be used.

WoMaster’s Railway M12 PoE switches are equipped with versatile power inputs for different power systems: DC24V, DC48V and for new rolling stock specification EN50155 - DC110V.

RAILWAY ETHERNET POE SWITCH-3Compliance with railway standards EN50121-3-2, EN50155, and IEC61373 guarantees that MP-series switches sustain extended temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, and other railway market challenges.  If power failure occurs in one of the switch in daisy-chain or ring network topology, the data will be continuously transmitted by the bypass fault device to the next switch without any loss.

Railway Ethernet PoE Switch Features:

2 Giga Link Bypass Ports
.Link Bypass function provides power fail safe solution

Management Features
.Various configuration paths, including WebGUI, CLI, Telnet, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and RMON
.IEEE 1588v1/2 PTP time management, LLDP topology control
.Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP for factory automation
.M12 USB for easy field configuration and firmware update
.ViewMaster for LAN devices management and NetMaster for NMS Management

ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS Ring Redundancy
.Provide sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traic
.Interoperate with 3rd party industrial/commercial switch and instead of STP/RSTP still remain fast recovery time
.Eicient network interconnection and topology with ERPS Chain, multiple chains

Enhanced Cyber Security for Critical Application
.L2-L7 IPv4/IPv6 ACL, DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, DAI
.802.1Q VLAN, Private VLAN, Advanced Port Security, Multi-Level user passwords
.HTTPS/SSH/SFTP, 256-bit encryption, 802.1X MAB, RADIUS/TACACS+

Extreme PoE Capability
.8-port IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PoE, up to 30W/port
.Up to 100W system power budget at 70°C operating temperature
.Complete PoE management including per-port Power Budget Control, PoE Scheduling and PoE Status

Rugged Design for Surveillance in Rail, Rolling Stock applications
.Compliant with EN50155/IEC61373 railway certification
.Railway 110VDC(77~137.5V) or 54V DC(46~57V) or 24/48/110V DC(16.8~137.5V) on-board power design
.Outstanding mechanical design with good heat dissipation and lightweight
.Rugged M12 connectors and -40°~70°C wide operating temperature for harsh environments


Railway Safety for passengers and staff is proved by real-time IP Video surveillance onboard and on train station. For this purpose, reliable and secure Ethernet and wireless networks for high-speed video transmission is a must. Railway applications are composed by a number of critical requirements have to be met. All the equipment deployed on board train must comply with Railway Standard EN50155, and must sustain uniquely harsh environment, vibration and shock.


MP310 is installed on each cabinet of the train for connecting PoE surveillance cameras and information panel. MP614 is installed on the cab’s room for connecting the dashboard, NVR and control components and provided L3 routing.

MP614 and MP310 in each cabinet connect as an ERPS ring to provide fast redundancy, and they both support bypass technology to keep data transmitting, in case there is a device power down or fail.

WR312G supports high-speed LTE transmission, which transmits information on the train to the Control Room via LTE.

 Why MP310:

-IP31 industrial hardware design with M12 rugged connectors to withstand vibration, shock, and temperature extremes

-8-port PoE+ with 100W total power budget, including 7 Fast Ethernet ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, enable connected IP-cameras

-2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with link bypass function ensure network connectivity even in case of device/power failure

Railway Ethernet PoE Switch Selection Guide:



 Ethernet Copper 

  PoE Cooper  

  PoE Budget  


Power Input



6 x 100/1000

 8 x 100/1000 
 up to 30W/port 

 Max 100W@70°C af/at 

HV: 110VDC (77~137.5VDC)
MV: 54VDC (46~57VDC)



6 x 100/1000

8 x 100/1000
up to 30W/port

Max 100W@70°C af/at

HV: 110VDC (77~137.5VDC)
MV: 54VDC (46~57VDC)



2 x 100/1000

7 x 10/100
1 x 100/1000


1xM12 USB
MP310-HV: 110VDC (77~137.5VDC)
MP310-MV: 54VDC (46~57VDC)

*Note: MP614 and MP414 both comply with the mandatory items of the EN 50155 standard. MP310 is EN50155 certified Railway Ethernet PoE Switch.


The industrial 7+3G L2 Managed M12 PoE Switch MP310-HV is specially designed for fast and reliable infotainment and IP-surveillance networks on road and railway public transport. The switch provides 7 FE ports with intelligent PoE/PoE+ functionality and 3 Gigabit ports, one of which is PoE/PoE+ port and 2 Gigabit uplink ports with link bypass function ensuring network connectivity even in case of device/power fault.


The MP310-MV switch is designed to provide faster, secure, and more stable network. The switch supports network redundancy protocols/technologies such as Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)/Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS). It also features IEC 61000-6-2 / 61000-6-4 Heavy Industrial EMC certified design, rugged enclosure and -40~70°C wide operating temperature range.


MP614 series is the leading edge M12 full Gigabit routing PoE switch designed for Layer 3 controlling network on rail public transport. Equipped with 14 rugged Gigabit M12 ports, 8 of which supply intelligent PoE/PoE+ and 2 of which support link bypass function for sustainable connectivity even in case of device/power fault.


MP414 is the ruggedized M12 full Gigabit PoE switch designed for rail public transport. Equipped with 14 rugged Gigabit M12 ports, 8 of which supply intelligent PoE/PoE+ and 2 of which support link bypass function for sustainable connectivity even in case of device/power fault.