Embedded Computing

An industrial computer (industrial PC or IPC) is a rugged computer designed to meet harsh environmental requirements, such as extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, and protection from water splash/jet and dust.  

Compared with consumer computer, industrial computer offers better features than consumer PC in terms of reliability, compatibility, expansion options and long-term supply. Low power and fanless designs make it possible to embed Industrial computer in more compact enclosures or systems, ideal for space constrained applications.  That's part of the reason embedded computer is the subset of industrial computer.  

SINTRON industrial embedded computer features compact, light weight and significant I/O, is fanless PC designed to fulfill space-critical, trusted remote computing applications. SINTRON fanless industrial computers are ideal for networking appliance, data acquisition, digital signage, gate control, self-service terminal and industrial automation and control.

Fanless Box PC (13)

SINTRON fanless embedded computers that feature compact, light weight and significant I/O, are designed to fulfill space-critical, trusted remote computing applications.

The ABOX fanless PC family is the high-performance fanless embedded computer product line. The ABOX-5200, powered by 8th generation Intel® Coffee Lake Core™, is designed to fulfill mission critical high performance computing tasks under remote installations, while the powerful yet efficient AMD Ryzen ABOX-5100 comes with an ...

Video Capture Cards (17)

Sintron provided miniPCIe video capture card series, to meet different market’s needs. All video capture products are all supported by one driver and same SDK which follows Windows DirectShow or Linux v4l2 standard. Sintron miniPCIe frame grabbers are ready to use with great software support and flexible hardware integration capability which makes these grabbers to be considered as the best PC video cards