Edge AI GPU Computing (4)

Sintron Edge AI GPU Computing products have the ability to process deep learning operations and support end-to-end deep learning solutions. They assist Edge Computing and AI Computer systems in connecting data source from Cloud/ Data Centers, detecting objects, performing basic classification, and alerting administration. They feature not only real-time data processing, but also data caching, buffering and optimization. In addition, they support in accelerating Machine to Machine communication, ...

Autonomous Driving (4)

The trend of autonomous driving has affected earth-shaking changes in the automotive market. Autonomous Driving (Autonomous Vehicles or Self-Driving Cars) are capable of sensing the environment and navigating without human input. Environment sensors are the components that allow autonomous vehicles to take in raw information about the environment. In order to analyze and understand the surroundings, environment sensors must be supported by high performance machine vision technology and intellig...

Public Transit (5)

SINTRON in vehicle PC is offering onboard platforms, display monitors and station solutions. Through the use of a reliable platform with GPS and wireless connection capabilities, each single transportation device can communicate with each other and with the control center. The platform can display real-time scheduling and destination information to passengers, assisting them in obtaining the right information within a short period of time. It also allows transportation companies to cut down info...

EN50155 Railway (5)

Sintron’s railway computers are EN50155 certified and have conducted environmental testing to ensure reliable performance under a variety of power supply conditions, such as voltage variations, power interruptions, and supply changeover. Sintron’s EN50155 certified computers can also withstand environmental disturbances, including vibration, shock, and extreme temperature.

Smart Factory (4)

The smart factory is defined as a factory where physical production processes and operations are combined with digital technology, smart computing and big data to create a more opportunistic system for companies that focus on manufacturing and supply chain management. The smart factory are an aspect of Industry 4.0, a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on real-time data, embedded sensors, connectivity, automation, and machine learning.

Fleet Management (5)

Fleet management is a process to manage all fleet and asset information, enabling fleet companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure the fleet safety on the road.

Vehicle telematics, a hybrid of technologies that combine the ability for "telecommunication" and "information processing", is playing a key role in current fleet management market. Fleet telematics devices collect and process data via broadband wireless networks for real-time vehicle insights for location tracking, ser...

Law Enforcement (6)

Law enforcement officers are often searching for vehicles that have been reported stolen, are suspected of being involved in criminal or terrorist activities, are owned by persons who are wanted by authorities, have failed to pay parking violations or maintain current vehicle license registration, and any of a number of other factors. Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are increasingly adopting automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technologies, which function to automatically c...

Outdoor Video Surveillance (5)

A smart video surveillance platform has been playing an important role as the demand for security increases. To secure daily operation, a smart video surveillance platform must be capable of critical video processing competencies. These sophisticated computing tasks include HD imaging capturing and processing, real-time detection for any possible unusual events, video analysis, management and data backup and afterwards action in the most efficient way.

Power Energy (3)

The power and utilities sector faces radical transformation. Distributed renewable generation, new digital technologies and changing consumer expectations are creating a new energy world that is more complex, competitive and challenging. And it’s coming faster than you think. Survival for utilities will depend on their ability to develop new capabilities, different business models and a mindset centered around agility and collaboration.

Military Computer (3)

The name ""military computer" is referring to the computers designed and manufactured based on purpose of military usage. Military computers are built to operate under the most extreme field environments where is much more challenging than the fields of general industrial applications. For instance high/low temperatures in the desert, harsh battlefield, and heavy shock/vibration tactical combat vehicles. In other words, to be called "military grade", a computer must meet these stringent standar...