Sintrones Robust On-Board Computers Ensures Reliable Communication for Rail Operators
Sintrones’ VBOX series of rugged computing platforms provides an all-in-one communications back-up solution for rail operators.    Taiwan-based Sintrones is an ISO 9001 and IRIS ISO/TS22163 certified producer of in-vehicle computing systems. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to continually enhancing its quality management systems and ensuring its products meet the ever-changing needs of the rail industry.    With years of engineering and product design behind it, Sintrones is renowned for its high-quality rugged yet compact computing platforms that meet international standards including – but not limited to – EN50155 and EN50121.   EN50155 Certification Ensures Safe and Stable Operation in Challenging Conditions  By passing a series of rigorous tests to achieve EN50155 certification, customers can be assured that Sintrones’ VBOX series of on-board railway computers meet rigorous vibration, shock, input voltage range, electrical isolation, extreme temperature, humidity and EMC standards.    This guarantees that the computers are able to perform their functions safely and securely in a range of environments and conditions.    Isolated Power Input Design Meets Class S2 Interruption Requirements Sintrones’ design engineering team developed a customised power supply input feature for its in-vehicle computing systems, a critical step and a hard engineering requirement for the rail industry.    Thanks to the team’s hard work, the VBOX series offers a wide input range of 24~110VDC power input with isolation, which covers almost all railway application requirements. In addition, its power surge protection and reverse polarity voltage protection prevents system damage if the input voltage is ever accidentally reversed.    An Operating Temperature Range of -400C to 700C – in Fanless Conditions   The VBOX series is also built with efficient thermal design. Testing has proven the computers can reliably operate in a wide range of temperatures from -400C to 700C, and even up to 850C for short periods of time.    Vibration and Shock Protection Robust and reliable M12 connectors are used to enhance system stability and protection, and feature fast-locking housing to resist high-shock and vibration loads. This enables the VBOX series to withstand vibration of up to 2.5GRMS and shock of up to 15G.    5G/LTE, GPS and Wi-Fi Functionality – an All-in-One Communications Solution To ensure the safety of passengers and staff, railway operators require a reliable communication solution. In response to their needs, Sintrones’ VBOX series has been developed to support 5G/LTE wireless, GPS and Wi-Fi functionality.   Whenever the primary wireless communication encounters instabilities or interference, the LTE wireless module can jump into action, providing the perfect back-up solution, even in challenging environments such as rail tunnels and mountainous areas where wireless signals can be weak.    GPS enables real-time location tracking of the train to the control centre and railway workers, while the computers’ Wi-Fi capabilities enables the uploading or downloading of data much quicker when approaching or in Wi-Fi enabled train stations or depots.    Italia Rail Chooses Sintrones’ Computers for its Wireless Communication Back-Up System Italia Rail wanted to implement a new wireless communications back-up system to ensure the safety of maintenance workers who spend much of their time working alongside its high-speed rail tracks.   The rail operator was looking for a solution that met industry standards as well as its own wireless communication (the need for LTE, GPS and Wi-Fi all in one) and power supply input requirements.    Sintrones VBOX series was chosen due to the company’s ability to provide a customised supply input design, to satisfy the project’s wireless communication requirements and the fact that its product range met EN51055 certification standards.    The company’s VBOX-3620-M12X computing solution was implemented and installed on Italia Rail’s rolling stock back in 2018 with no network interruption, and has enhanced the efficiency of both the operator’s wireless network communication and the safety of its track-side workers.    Flexible Configurations and Customisation Services Sintrones understands the bespoke needs of rail operators and with the support of its experienced R&D team, can cover a flexible configuration service, providing tailor-made systems or boards to meet your specific requirements.   If you’d like to find out more about Sintrones and its VBOX series of rugged in-vehicle computing solutions please visit or email  
Smart Animal Husbandry Solutions improve, transform, and upgrade traditional animal husbandry
Problem Smart Animal Husbandry Solutions improve, transform, and upgrade traditional animal husbandry Solution Implementing SINTRONES EBOX-7000 Internet of Things (IoT) technology means installing electronic tags on livestock and IP cameras in livestock farms. The information on the screen and tags are transmitted via the network, 5G/LTE or wireless network to SINTORONES EBOX-7000. In addition, installing Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU display card allows the processing of edge computing, image analysis and data statistical analysis. As a result, users can monitor the humidity and environmental temperature, animal and farm status, track the information and control the production safety during the growth process. Periodically, the system tracks key information concerning disease prevention and breeding progress. Before the livestock is slaughtered, the electronic report can also be used to confirm that the livestock is disease-free and market-ready.  Benefit SINTRONES Smart Animal Husbandry Solution simplifies the management of livestock breeding by monitoring livestock health, preventing large-scale epidemic outbreaks, and periodically tracking growth to ensure the meat's quality before entering the market. It is an effective and efficient management solution. AI COMPUTER PRODUCT   EBOX-7000 EBOX-7000 Intel 9th Gen Core i7/ Intel 8th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 CPU w/ 6 x RJ45 GbE (optional 4 x PoE Max. 100W) / 4 x COM / 1 x DP/ 1 x HDMI/ 1 x DVI-I/ 4 x USB 3.2 Gen 1x1/ 9-48V Edge Computing
Who We Are?
Sintron Technology is an advanced vehicle PC and mobile computer solution provider.  
SINTRON Technology Corp, located in the heart of Silicon Valley California, is a USA based company  representing SINTRONES to provide customers with comprehensive intelligent transportation systems, integration services and customer oriented proposal-built solutions. 
SINTRONES, based in Taiwan, is a world-renowned and ISO 9001 certified company of in-vehicle computing system products. SINTRONES provides customers with high quality certified computer system products that meet international transportation standards certification, including EN50155, IRIS, E-Mark, IEC60945, IACS E10, DNV and MIL-810.